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How to Outsource Your Contingent Recruitment: Toolkit

Armed with over 40 years' of expertise, we've created a series of helpful tips and guides containing everything you need to know if you're considering outsourcing your contingent recruitment.


Rullion Insights: Talent on Tap

This short paper dives into the reasons behind both the supply and staffing problems and charts our progress towards a long-term solution for the industry’s predictable and reactive recruitment needs.


Rullion's Nuclear Salary Survey

Do you work in the nuclear industry? Whether an employer or employee, download our guide to make sure you're up-to-date with current market rates.


Report: The Truth About Working In The Oil & Gas Industry

We recently surveyed Oil & Gas professionals for their opinions on the market. Read their thoughts, experiences and concerns for an insight into what it's really like to work in the sector.


The Infrastructure industry in a post COVID-19 world

We met with Leaders across Infrastructure and Construction to find out their views on a post COVID-19 world. Download our insights for all the details.


Insurtech Talent Q4 2022

Regardless of the looming recession, it appears, particularly in Insurtech, business confidence still reaming strong, the demand for talent is still very much apparent. Download our insights to find out more.


Market Trends 2022-2027

Provides a range of research, from a variety of sources that helps to summarise what we believe the key trends in talent will be for the next 5 years and the opportunities these present. The focus is not simply on recruitment, but also wider trends within the talent market.


PMO Insight Report

We recently conducted some research around the biggest pains in PMO, and the feedback we got was incredible! With it, we've been able to dig deep to analyse the results in further detail and present this insight report to help understand the common problems PMOs currently face.


Insight Report: The Great British PMO

To celebrate International PMO Day, we have built this insight report - for PMO people, by PMO people! Contained within these pages, you will find helpful insights on where we are as a profession today, as well as UK PMO demographics, job titles and salary information.