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The Infrastructure industry in a post COVID-19 world

On Tuesday 5th May, we hosted a digital roundtable discussion with leaders in the Infrastructure and Construction industry to discuss how they’ve reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they see the industry evolving to a ‘new normal’ in a post COVID-19 world.

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Moving Forward

When discussing how to move forward, and how the industry will change, collaboration is key. With Construction one of the first industries to open up again during the lockdown, it’s an opportunity for the industry to pave the way forward in best practice. Using technology to enhance social distancing rules, relying less on PPE that is so heavily needed for the NHS, and introducing social distancing marshalls are now the "new normal" for Construction and Infrastructure organisations across the UK.

Reacting to COVID-19

The group shared their insight on how they’ve adapted their business to meet Government guidelines. Some businesses were able to prepare weeks before the Government started the lockdown, and others forced to take a different, but equally effective approach, to ensure their businesses didn’t shut down. With the introduction of COVID-19 Sub-Committees, new and unique social distancing measures, and in some instances, workers actually living together away from their homes to reduce the spread of the virus, these businesses have all responded differently to the pandemic, with equally successful results.

Remote Working – the "new normal"?

With businesses forced to adapt to remote working some business are questioning whether they’d see office life again. Utilising technology is key here, and platforms such as Microsoft Teams have been a saviour for businesses adapting to remote working. Although some workers will prefer the remote working culture, mental health and wellbeing has to be at the forefront of Leaders' agendas. Helping people stay connected to avoid lonliness, as well as supporting lone workers on construction sites, are equally important in these times of change. The Leaders who took part in our digital roundtable all agreed that traditional leadership styles will no longer work, and they would need to change dramatically.

The Positives

With clients and partners both adapting to remote working, it makes the transition much easier, as communication channels are more open than ever. Updates in policies, strategies and tactics have seen a new level of trust in the industry. Not only this, but the ongoing positive benefits to our environment and increased decarbonisation has had a profound impact on the image of the Infrastructure and Construction industry.

Amongst our contributors were Paul Tuckett, Project Director at Skanska, Justin Moss, Strategy Development Manager at Siemens, David Aimable-Lina, Construction Director at London City Airport, Neal Whittle, Managing Director at Eric Wright Water and David Speight, Construction Director, hosted by Rullion Executive Director for Infrastructure, Mark Clinch.

Download the full insights from the discussion here, to support your organisation through the pandemic and beyond.

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