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Rullion Insights: Talent on Tap

A way forward for the water industry skill shortage

From bad weather to bad press, a complicated set of circumstances has created a “perfect storm” for the UK water industry. With supply deficits looming, water companies are now facing a shortage of the skilled, accredited staff (known as Clean Water Operatives) needed to react to pressing water shortage challenges.

This short paper dives into the reasons behind both the supply and staffing problems and charts our progress towards a long-term solution for the industry’s predictable and reactive recruitment needs.

As demand for digital and engineering skills accelerates, it’s vital that water companies find a reliable way to sidestep competition for talent from other technical industries and rising prices and secure the talent to fulfil the planned AMP objectives.

At Rullion, we have developed a comprehensive talent solution designed to address this problem and alleviate pressure for our utilities clients.

We believe that water companies need to be able to rely on their recruitment partner for a flow of the right talent when and where they need it, whether under the predictability of the AMP framework or as an urgent response to an unexpected need.

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