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A template to capture your contingent worker data

Whether you're considering outsourcing your contingent recruitment, or simply want to understand where you are with your current contingent workforce, then you'll need to complete an audit, capturing data and gathering insights into your current contingent workers. 

Gaining information about your current contingent workers will help you build a business case for moving to a sole supplier model. By gathering this information, you'll be able to identify the pain points in your current process, including:

1. Who exactly are your current contingent workers?

2. What are their rates?

3. Are the rates consistent?

4. Are you remaining compliant?

5. How many suppliers are you currently using?

This data will help you to enhance your business case to outsourcing your contingent recruitment. 

We've created a template which will help you quickly and easily enter your contingent workforce data, which includes sections on:

  • Job title
  • Agency name
  • Start and end date
  • Department and location
  • Contractual status
  • Pay rate and unit
  • Agency mark-up and charge rate

Plus many more sections to help you gather all the information you need. Fill in the form below to download this template and get started with your audit!