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A guide to selecting your recruitment model

Selecting the right recruitment model when outsourcing your contingent recruitment is an important part of the outsourcing process. You need to ensure that the recruitment model you choose will benefit your business, and help you achieve your business goals. 

We've created a guide outlining some of the most common recruitment models available when outsourcing your contingent recruitment to give you the insight you need to select the best model for your business. 

If you already have a partnership in place, but you're not convinced this model is the right model to help you achieve your business goals, then this guide could help you identify a solution. 

We've collected insights on the following models:

1. Master Vendor

2. Managed Service Partnership (Hybrid)

3. Neutral Vendor

Providing you with information about each model, including pros and cons, the percentage of roles you can expect to be filled direct with your recruitment partner, compared with a supply partner, and a visual model outlining the set up of the partnership.

This will give you an idea of what to expect when outsourcing your contingent recruitment.

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