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A guide to your implementation strategy when outsourcing your contingent recruitment

The implementation phase of outsourcing your contingent recruitment to a sole supplier can seem like an overwhelming process, especially if you have managed your recruitment in the same way for a long time. The key to a smooth implementation is a well-executed and effective implementation plan. This will help you build a recruitment partnership with confidence. 

A typical implementation will take approximately 13 weeks to go live, and throughout the process, your recruitment partner will follow a detailed implementation project plan. We've created a guide that covers the six key elements your recruitment partner should consider during implementation, that should be included in the implementation plan. This includes:

1. Communication

2. Understanding the business and recruitment process

3. Invoicing

4. Agency worker regulations

5. Supply chain

6. Contingent worker migration

Our guide will also cover the different roles required when setting up an implementation team, and how the team should be structured. Roles include:

  • Executive sponsor

  • Project Manager

  • Contingent worker migration team

  • Project Consultant

  • Finance Manager

  • Technology Manager

As well as these six key points and the implementation team structure, it's important to create an implementation timeline to run through the various different stages of implementation. This guide will cover each stage of the implementation process and how long each stage should take.

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