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A guide to measuring the success of your outsourcing partnership

One of the key elements of any recruitment partnership is ensuring that it remains successful, and your business goals are met. Before entering a  partnership, you should be clear with your recruitment partner what key metrics and measures you will use to measure the success of your relationship.

Prior to entering into a formal agreement, SLAs and KPIs should be agreed between both parties that fully represent your business goals and objectives of the partnership. To help you identify these measures, we've created a guide that will give you an overview of what key measures and metrics are important in a recruitment partnership.

This guide covers key SLAs such as:

1. Source of hire

2. Candidate feedback

3. Technology

4. Cost savings

Not to mention diversity reporting and CV shortlisting. It will also cover key KPIs such as:

  • Recruitment metrics, such as CV to placement ratio

  • Internal recruitment management metrics, such as timescales for providing feedback

  • e-recruitment system metrics, such as support hours available

This guide will go through some of the top metrics to include in your recruitment partnership to help you make the most of your contingent recruitment process.

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