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Getting things done right, on time and on budget

Procurement decisions are becoming increasingly complicated as more moving parts get added to your role. You’re expected to measure short-term costs against long-term ROI, which can be difficult when you are not a subject matter expert. You need a partner to help you simplify cost vs risk for your senior leadership team. 

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Your Challenge: Building a credible business case without subject matter expertise

While you are well-seasoned in information gathering, business transformation is a complex subject that requires specialist knowledge. Without expert guidance it is difficult to get a sense of the full picture and to present your business case with credibility. 

Cost is a critical factor for any procurement decision.  But you need to balance this against the needs of the business, as you know from experience, that cheaper now, can mean expensive later.  

Wary of being charged extortinate fees for contractors, you want a reliable and trustworthy partner. One that will fill your knowledge gaps and drive the best business outcomes by balancing costs against needs, in a clear and transparent manner.  

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Our Solution: Expert change management advice with full transparency on costs

We aim to reduce your procurement admin and to boost your business case credibility by giving you reliable change management project advice rooted in your problems, not our needs. 

By acting as advisors, our job is to help you make better informed procurement decisions around Excellence, Supply Management, Spend Analysis and Strategic Sourcing at all levels. 

We give your business the risk/reward flexibility it needs by being more compliant than most recruiters, better value than most consultancies, and more knowledgeable than expensive contractors. 

In short, we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing your operational integrity and you only pay for a successful outcome. 

Case Study: How an outcome-based model was used to deliver an effective API strategy to a national retailer

Rullion proposed an outcome-based delivery model to create an API Strategy, a catalogue of all deployed APIs in the Client’s estate and an updated integration decision tree which could be used to build an effective API ecosystem.

Case Study

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