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The 9 benefits of outcome-based working 

  1. Your focus is on achieving expected/desired results and employee performance 


  1. Lends itself well to remote/hybrid working and supports the development of in-demand skills like creativity, communication, agility, adaptability, and collaboration 


  1. Measures effectiveness of task completion, to a required standard, within a given deadline, instead of measuring effectiveness by time spent at desk or performing tasks 


  1. Encourages your workers to achieve a clear set of objectives, independently, in a way that suits them, and to identify results and other inputs to achieve desired results 


  1. Workers have greater flexibility and independence over their work schedules and autonomy over the level of success they achieve at work. This leads to higher levels of engagement which in turn leads to above average productivity, greater enthusiasm, and more innovation. Moreover, companies with high engagement levels are reportedly more profitable 


  1. Allows your workers to prioritise essential goals and not to waste time on activities that do not directly contribute to their defined goals 


  1. Allows your workers to take time off when needed 


  1. Workers can work outside conventional office hours which means they can more easily connect with other workers in different time zones allowing you to have a more global workforce. This fits in well with predictions about the future of distributed teams, where everyone will be working from everywhere  


  1. All you need in an outcome-based work system is a good Wi-Fi connection, attending your meetings, and contributing positively to your team. 



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