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How much does Rullion Change Delivery cost?  

How much does Rullion Change Delivery cost?  

One of the first questions a client wants to know when they call us is: How much does Rullion Change Delivery cost?   

The short answer is: It depends.   

I know, not very helpful when you’re looking for a ballpark figure.   

But the reality is it all depends on what you are comparing that cost to. If you compare it to a day rate contractor, the first impression will be that it will look more expensive.   

However, how much more expensive will depend on the current way in which you procure day rate contractors.    

And if you are comparing it to the fees commanded by a big consultancy, then we are much less expensive.  

Let me try to break it down for you a little more.   

If you acquire contingent labour through an MSP, you’re probably paying a markup of less than 10%.  

If you’re acquiring contingent labour through a PSL you’re probably paying a markup in the region of 10-20%.    

And if you’re acquiring contingent labour on an ad hoc basis, you could be paying up to 30% markup in some instances.   

The average markup of Rullion Change Delivery is somewhere between 20-30% based upon complexity, scale and risk.    

You can view our full rate card here.

The average markup of big consultancies is significantly higher and although it’s difficult to gauge what precisely that would be, you’d be expected to pay 2-3x our rate card for an onshore resource.  

This is because consultancies have for a long time justified their expertise with higher charge rates. They typically have much larger overheads than we do and as such their margins are much greater. Also, you’re not always getting an employee; sometimes those consultancies use contingent workers and we’ve seen scenarios where they are billing 200% of the pay rate to the individual.   

There are also hidden costs to consider. For contingent labour – the cost to your business to recruit, direct, manage and sometimes replace.   

For big consultancies, the hidden cost of change control is one that can quickly absorb a project budget.   

It will always come down to what problem you are trying to solve and just because Rullion Change Delivery is more expensive than using an MSP but less expensive than big consultancies, doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for you.