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Recruitment Technology

The 21st Century has seen an explosion of different technology across all industries, and the recruitment sector is no exception. 

Recruitment technology is now ubiquitous and greatly influences the hiring process from start to finish, with Application Tracking Systems (ATS), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a variety of CRMs being utilised to speed up the recruitment process, increase communication between candidate and recruiter and improve quality of hire.

Recruitment technology is now so widely used, it is no longer just useful; instead, it's considered an essential part of any hiring process which must be considered carefully when embarking on a recruitment drive. 

So what's changed?

Things have certainly come a long way from scrolling through endless spreadsheets, trawling through phone directories and looking through the classifieds in the Sunday paper. Tech has changed the recruitment landscape for both candidates and clients alike; according to a study by Career Builder, 70% of employers will now screen candidates online before they hire them, whilst candidates have the power to see anonymous reviews of employers on sites like Glassdoor before they take the plunge and accept the job. Indeed, nearly every facet of the recruitment process has now changed, from job boards being used to source candidates, to Skype being utilised to conduct video interviews for candidates and clients who may not be near enough to one another to interview face-to-face.

Sometimes, things change so fast within the "Rec-Tech" space, it's difficult to keep up. Luckily,  we've put together numerous articles below which provide an in-depth analysis of the recruitment technology landscape and tackle fundamental issues related to this area. 

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