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Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Talent

Rullion recently hosted a panel debate on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, the Future of Talent. The debate was held at LinkedIn HQ in London, and we were delighted to welcome five experts in the field of AI to join the panel.

The panel consisted of David D’Souza, Head of Engagement and London from CIPD, Alex Charraudeau, Relationship Manager from LinkedIn, Andy Campbell, HCM Strategy Director from Oracle, Yi Xu, Founder of City Sail, and Paula Barrett, Partner at Eversheds Sutherland.

Over 70 guests joined us for the debate, where James Saoulli, Rullion CEO, moderated the event firing questions to the panel from the audience. Questions included; “When will a computer select a better candidate than a human?”, “How can we make sure that we do not hard wire our unconscious biases into the development of AI?” and “How far are we from AI being integrated into standard recruitment practices?”

In the build up to the event, we answered some of the questions that were submitted by the audience beforehand, below is a collection of articles which provide more information into AI and the Future of Talent.

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AI: Bridging Generation
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AI and the agile workplace:
What does the office
of the future look like?


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How do you see AI
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Understanding the value of
AI for your business

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Which is the best recruiter?


AI: Should you believe the hype?

How will AI shape the recruitment landscape?
An interview with Alex Charraudeau, LinkedIn

AI and the changing world of HR:
An interview with Andy Campbell, Oracle

AI: The Future of Talent.
An interview with David D'Souza