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6 key areas to include in your RFP

When outsourcing your recruitment, an RFP (Request for Proposal) is an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to selecting the right partner.

Once you’ve obtained senior buy-in for outsourcing your contingent recruitment and audited your current contractor population, it’s time to start the process to find your new recruitment partner. A key element is the RFP which provides an opportunity to find out more about potential suppliers. Asking the right questions in this process is key to gathering all the information you need to make an informed decision and select the right partner for you.

We’ve outlined some key topics and some example questions to include in your RFP. For more examples of individual questions, download our guide to creating an RFP here.

General questions to help understand a partner’s competitive advantage

  • Describe the process improvements and realisation of benefits you have achieved with a similarly complex client.
  • Please provide details of how you review and keep up-to-date with industry best practice.
  • What is your approach to Diversity and Inclusion?

Technology and Data Management

  • Please confirm the IT solution proposed with a brief outline on how this would support the delivery model.
  • Please provide examples of what type of Management Information reports can you deliver at short notice and on a regular basis.
  • Provide examples of your reporting cycle capability, including on demand, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Supplier Performance and Management

  • Describe what approach or tools would be used to measure and manage supplier’s performance.
  • From your experience, what are the most relevant KPIs you believe will help us collaboratively manage supplier performance?
  • Please explain how supply partners will be managed to ensure a seamless service is provided and how risks will be controlled.

Account Management and Continuous Improvement

  • Please ensure how you would ensure continuous improvement and innovation. Provide examples of where you have provided benefits to customers in this context.
  • Please outline your typical account management structure for contracts of a similar scale, value and nature.
  • Describe the ongoing assessment you use to monitor the performance of contingent workers.

Performance Metrics and Monitoring

  • Provide an outline SLA that you feel should be added to support the provision for the service described within this document.
  • Demonstrate how you proactively ensure service levels are met/exceeded.
  • Provide an overview of how you would propose to define, measure and report the savings delivered.


  • Please provide a project plan outlining how you will achieve the successful delivery of the ensuring operating model.
  • Demonstrate your approach to managing change in contingent worker process/policy, both during implementation and on-going, to ensure full utilization/maximum value add.
  • Please provide details of the project methodology your company will use to support implementation of the new work arrangements and the transition of contingent workers.

This list just represents a selection of questions you include in your RFP. It’s important, however, that the questions you select reflect the needs of your business to ensure you the information you need.

Full a full list of potential questions to ask potential suppliers, download our guide to creating a complete RFP here.