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Tips to creating a winning Employer Brand

Employers understand the challenges they face when it comes to attracting talent, especially when looking to attract skills and experience that is hard to come by. Creating an employer brand that really stands out and promoting this across your sector will help you compete in the war for talent.

We surveyed over 300 candidates and contractors to find out what they were really interested in when it comes to finding their next employer. Using their insight and experiences, we’ve created a checklist of advice and tips for you to use when creating and promoting your employer brand.

  1. Understand your candidates – understanding what your candidates care about most when searching for their new role is key to creating advertising campaigns that resonate. Download our candidate persona template to start understanding your candidates.

  2. Broaden your message – there’s strong evidence that candidates are looking beyond salary as the be-all and end-all over other factors. The leading factor appealing most to those in permanent employment is work-life balance, closely followed by employer reputation.

  3. Think about your company reputation – strong reputation matters significantly to candidates, with 95% saying that knowing about an employer matters to them when considering a new role. Make sure you are monitoring your online reputation on social media and Glassdoor.

  4. Perfect your candidate experience – three quarters of candidates would reject an employer after a poor candidate experience. Adapt and perfect your candidate experience and listen to feedback throughout the process. Top 10 tips for a winning candidate experience.

  5. Use your existing employees – over half of the candidates we spoke to say they want to see real employee testimonials, as well as practical information such as vacancies and company’s news, from a prospective employer during their application process.

Find out more about creating a successful employer brand from our award-winning marketing team.

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