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Get to know your candidates with our Candidate Persona template

Rullion Candidate Persona templateLearn the key questions you need to ask yourself about your ideal candidate with our Candidate Persona template. Nowadays, it's crucial for companies to perfectly understand the candidates they're looking for, as this will allow them to create a segmented audience that can be engaged with targeted campaigns. 

Our free Candidate Persona template provides you with a simple and focussed way of researching, allowing you to build a clear picture of who your talent attraction efforts should target.. 

Get to know your candidates today! 

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Still having some doubts? Check with Rullion why Candidate Personas will boost your talent attraction efforts or learn more about Attract, our talent attraction service

Rullion Eleanor MartinIf you want to know more about how we can help you attract hard-to-find talent, please get in touch with Partnerships Manager Eleanor Martin on, or on 0161 601 3311 or 07436 543165.