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What’s the benefit of using “plug and play” teams that you can turn on and off on-demand? 

The selection and management of contingent workers can be both time consuming and labour intensive for your existing staff, particularly if your resource requirements have suddenly gone up and you need a significant and immediate increase in your temporary worker headcount.


What if you could scale up that resource on-demand, without having to select, onboard and manage those workers, including dealing with the day-to-day issues that often arise, such as needing a day off, not having completed a task and not being able to log on to the system?


And then, what if when that demand was no longer necessary, that resource simply disappeared?


Enter Rullion Change Delivery (RCD) 


RCD is a change delivery / project management consultancy offering exactly that.


Using an outcome-based model, you only pay once you are happy with what has been completed within pre-agreed timescales. Therefore, there’s a level of success that must be delivered and a level of satisfaction that must be met before any money is spent. The price is fixed and agreed before the work begins.


We can plug in as little as one individual specialist to an entire team, scaling that team up or down as required, depending on the work you require to get done.


In effect, it’s being able to say: I need someone to come in and do this piece of work for a specific amount of time with this specific output.


For this model to work optimally, you want to be in a position where you have a defined outcome of what you’re looking for in place. When you have that level of clarity, including what you want done, the timescales you want it done in, and what the process to get it done looks like, then you can use this type of model effectively.


You asked. We listened. 


RCD was born out of a change in your behaviour and your desire for more outcome-based commercials, whereby payment is made based on the successful and satisfactory completion of specific tasks.


This is a complementary model to your permanent and contingent workforce.


In effect, certain customers no longer wanted to hire permanent staff and/or to engage contractors, choosing instead an “on-demand service” that involves outsourcing pieces of work to suppliers to manage on their behalf.


With plug and play, you can plug in a set of RCD Associates into your overall programme to deliver specific elements of it, and then essentially press play and the RCD Delivery Team will go ahead and deliver that for you. You don’t need to manage that element of the programme. It can literally be plugged in and run, and then switched off and lifted out when it’s done. This means you don’t have to figure out how it’s going to feed into the programme, you don’t have to manage that element of the programme, and nor must you ensure that the other parts of the programme all understand how that specific value stream is operating.


RCD is an autonomous and self-sufficient product that you can plug in on-demand and then stop once a piece of work has been completed.


It’s a way to get resource quickly without the hassle of interviewing, selecting or managing those people.


Five major benefits 


  1. Comfort and peace of mind – you know RCD knows its sectors because they've got the heritage of Rullion and fundamentally know people and know resource. They’ve already got a track record and a history of delivering high quality talent and resources to get jobs done. They also have in place an internal team of experts, a toolkit, governance, policies, and processes that are all visible to you.


  1. Cost – you don’t have to hire these people permanently. You are only paying for work that is completed. RCD is also significantly more cost effective than some other players in the market.


  1. Time – RCD can deploy a team in a matter of days rather than weeks or months and those people are more productive from Day 1 because they have already managed all their onboarding, education, set their expectations and given them all the information they need.


  1. Stress free – they’re easy for you to work with. RCD will imbed themselves into your organisation and mirror how you work in terms of what your methods are and what your toolkits are. You’re still in control but without the added administration that comes with that.


  1. Continuity – RCD can integrate with you and don’t have an alternative agenda. They aren’t trying to get you to buy more, do more, or do something different. Nor do they have any products that they’re trying to sell you. They’re simply there to deliver what you need, and then at the end of it they leave, until you need them again.


Benefits of having an on-demand project team 


Utilising on-demand project teams allows you to plug into that additional resource when and as needed without affecting your existing resource’s workload.


For example, you may need a team to deliver specific projects over and above what your existing staff are working on.


The RCD team will scope how many people that looks like, what sort of timescales you’re looking at and what can be achieved in the time that it needs to be completed. It will then go about selecting that resource for you.


The time saved that you would ordinarily have spent on interviewing and selecting that resource is huge, given on average for a team of 10-15 you would have to review over 50 CVs and interview at least 30 to 40 candidates before making your final selection.


Moreover, by outsourcing the selection and recruitment activity to RCD, you have peace of mind knowing RCD has a trusted network of known associates. RCD can also leverage being attached to a recruitment business to do it faster and more efficiently.


Onboarding is another time-consuming activity, not to mention a distraction from your day-to-day operations. Things like getting your resource up and running on the systems, making sure their logins work, making sure they understand who the key players are in the business, your ways of working, the methodologies used and briefing them on the project all take time and the RCD team is responsible for the majority of that.


Although the associates give their input to you, they essentially work for the RCD delivery team, who ensure that what they’re giving to you is what you want. What that means is that you don’t have to monitor the associates to ensure they are on track to deliver as planned. That responsibility lies with the RCD team until the piece of work is delivered and everyone is happy with it.


Was RCD born out of IR35? 


No. IR35 simply accelerated the conversation for a lot of companies to think about how they are engaging contingent workers and how they use contingent resource.


Is RCD a Statement of  Work? 


RCD is a change delivery / project management consultancy offering that provides on-demand teams.


A Statement of Work (SOW) is a legally binding contract that underpins the RCD service offering. It is a document that captures and defines the entire scope of work involved including deliverables, cost, and timelines, and is merely a component of the overarching RCD service, which is Change Delivery and Project Delivery by deploying teams of project managers, business analysts, technology consultants etc.


What does managing an associate look like from a RCD delivery team perspective? 


As soon as an Associate starts delivery for you, the first thing the RCD delivery team does is to ensure that the Associate has articulated all his/her deliverables in an online tracker that is visible to all relevant parties including the RCD delivery team, the Associate him/herself, and you.


Although the contract includes a high-level detail of those deliverables, the Associate will flesh that out so that s/he has more detailed acceptance criteria and has articulated any dependencies s/she has identified as s/he starts to do the work. This gives the RCD team the detail and visibility it needs to be confident that the work its managing is going to be delivered as planned.


The output of this exercise can then trigger greater or less involvement by the RCD delivery team. It also means the RCD delivery team can manage the process and where necessary come to you with anything that’s going to stop that work being delivered in the timeframes and to the standard that you’re expecting. Furthermore, the RCD team can flag any issues where dependencies external to RCD Associates are causing delays, saving you from monitoring that.


Where necessary the RCD team can put in more time with Associates to get them to do the work, therefore saving you from having to do that.


Once that has been articulated, the RCD delivery team manages the delivery plan at a frequency that’s appropriate to the risk associated with it and the detail that it has.


The RCD delivery team leads will have weekly meetings with the Associates to review what they are delivering, giving you a greater level of assurance that the work that they’re overall managing is going forward as planned, freeing you up to look at other elements of your projects/programmes.


Who are the Associates?


Associates are either recommended by Rullion’s recruitment arm and invited to join the RCD network or they have been interviewed by the RCD team and successfully shown a depth of expertise and capability, including a proven track record of successful delivery of business change or technology-enabled change.