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Employment Background Screening Services: Transform Your Hiring Process with Rullion

Comprehensive, Compliant, Cutting-Edge 


“In a world where talent is everything, the fine line between a good hire and a great hire often comes down to due diligence,” said Jayne Lee, Rullion Candidate Services Manager.


With her extensive experience, Jayne understands the competitive sphere of talent acquisition, and how crucial thorough employment background checks are.


At Rullion, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, automated employment screening services using our advanced, cloud-based platform.


“What sets Rullion apart is our adaptability. We understand that the hiring landscape is ever-changing,” Jayne pointed out.


Our solution, flexible to match the changing demands, promises efficiency and consistency across over 200 countries and territories, she said.


“It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about being globally compliant and locally relevant.”


Dedicated to stringent compliance standards, Rullion serves various sectors, from Utilities and Nuclear to Banking and Financial Services.


“Each industry comes with its unique challenges, and we’re ready for all of them,” she added.


Personalised, High-touch Employment Verification Services 


“When we talk about ‘high-touch,’ it’s about creating genuine connections,” Jayne often tells her team.


This is why our screening specialists focus on offering unwavering support throughout the candidate verification journey.


Jayne believes that “every interaction, every touchpoint, should feel seamless for the candidates, hiring managers, and everyone involved.”


The end goal?


To enhance the candidate experience and simplify the recruitment journey.


Simplifying Recruitment – Streamlined, Secure Employment Screening 


That’s why Jayne strongly advocates:


  • Elevating the Candidate Experience 


Rullion’s user-friendly platform allows quick, secure uploading of crucial documents and personal information.


But that’s not all.


“Making a process user-friendly is not just about technology. It’s about the people behind that technology, guiding you every step of the way,” Jayne explained.


She added that she was proud of Rullion’s commitment to this vision, with specialists always on hand to assist.


  • Streamlining the Recruitment Journey 


“Time saved in the recruitment process, is time added to productivity and innovation,” according to Jayne.


That’s why reducing time-to-hire was always a priority, she said.


To achieve this Rullion automate the end-to-end screening process. Our platform, complete with custom workflows, interactive dashboards, detailed management information, and self-serve reporting, enhances transparency and ease of access.


  • Safeguarding Your Business 


Our methodology ensures adherence to compliance and safeguarding standards. We keep you updated with industry changes and market news, keeping you a step ahead. Our service and technology platform is certified to ISO 9001, 27001, and Cyber Essentials.


For Jayne, it’s clear: “Protecting our clients, keeping them informed and ahead of the curve, is a responsibility we never take lightly.”


Providing a Wide Range of Pre-Employment Checks 


We offer a multitude of checks to suit your individual needs, from identity checks, employment history verification, to directorship searches, social media checks, and health assessments.


Our service handles over 10,000 checks a year, helping our clients reduce time-to-hire by 50% and administrative tasks by 45%.


“We cater to the specific needs of our clients. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ here,” Jayne stated, emphasising Rullion’s bespoke approach to employment checks.


A Success Story 


Custom Screening Solutions for Unique Challenges 


Our customer-centric approach was exemplified in our recent partnership with a leading UK utility firm.


Frustrated with their existing provider due to lengthy turnaround times and compliance risks, the firm turned to us for a comprehensive employment screening solution. By replicating and adapting key elements of our screening process, we significantly reduced turnaround times from 40 days to 6, whilst achieving impressive NPS scores (65+) for candidates undergoing the screening process.


“They were looking for more than a solution; they wanted a transformative experience. We’re proud to have delivered just that,” said Jayne.




Proven Success in Pre-Employment Screening


Our commitment to providing seamless and efficient screening services has earned us rave reviews from our clients. Balfour Beatty had this to say about their experience with Rullion:


“Since switching to Rullion we have been extremely impressed with their performance. The whole process is slick from start to finish for both us and our candidates. They are always quick to respond to any queries or urgent requests we may have and contact the candidates directly which makes life easier for them too.


“We have some particularly complicated cases but Rullion has not been phased by this and have been very responsive to changes we wanted to make for our own processes to run smoother.


“The portal is easy to navigate with a good overview tab so you can see at a glance exactly where cases are in the process. We are also able to easily download a full screening report which makes our auditing quicker and easier.”


Experience the Rullion Difference 


“Our unique blend of technology and human insight makes us stand out,” Jayne said.


And this commitment resonates with every service we provide, from our dedication to improving candidate experiences to streamlining your recruitment processes and safeguarding your business.


Jayne added: “It’s about truly understanding what our clients need and going the extra mile to deliver it. I like to call it the Rullion advantage – where diligence meets excellence.”




Need help with your employment background screening checks? Discover the Rullion advantage today by filling out our contact form below.