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10 Top Tips to Improve Your Time to Hire

Improving time to hire is crucial for ensuring that your organisation attracts and hires the best candidates before your competitors do.


There are several strategies that you can use to do this including:


  1. Streamline your recruitment process: Evaluate the efficiency of your recruitment process and identify and work on eliminating any bottlenecks that are causing delays in the hiring process. Simplify and automate the process as much as possible to reduce the time it takes to get from application to hire. For example, you could reduce the number of interview rounds or, if there is a delay in scheduling interviews, consider delegating this task to someone else or using an automated scheduling tool.


  1. Use technology: Leverage recruitment software that can help you automate certain parts of the process, such as resume screening, scheduling interviews, and sending out email communication and offer letters. You can also use technology to carry out online assessments to help speed up the hiring process and make it more efficient.


  1. Build a talent pipeline: Instead of waiting until you have an open position to start recruiting, proactively build a pipeline of qualified candidates that you can tap into when you have a vacancy.


  1. Improve your job postings: Make sure your job postings are clear, concise, inclusive, and easy to understand. Use relevant keywords to attract the right candidates from a diverse talent pool and ensure the job requirements and responsibilities are well-defined. This can help attract more qualified candidates who are a good fit for the role.


  1. Partner with recruitment agencies: Partnering with recruitment agencies can help you quickly fill open positions with qualified candidates as they have extensive networks and can often provide a pool of pre-screened candidates, who are a good fit for your organisation, saving you time and resources. You can either use recruitment agencies on ad-hoc basis or explore engaging with agencies that provide RPO on Demand services.


  1. Conduct video interviews: Video interviews can save time and resources while also providing a more convenient and efficient way to assess candidates, which allows you to make hiring decisions faster.


  1. Offer competitive compensation and benefits: An attractive remuneration package is a great incentive to attract top talent and reduce the time it takes to hire the right candidate, particularly given the cost-of-living crisis. However, if you’re in the public sector and can’t offer monetary incentives, think of more creative ways to attract candidates such as highlighting the work / lifestyle benefits of working for your organisation or consider offering flexible work arrangements.


  1. Set clear expectations: Work closely and collaborate with hiring managers to establish clear expectations of the hiring process. Encourage hiring managers to provide timely feedback on candidates to keep the process moving smoothly forward. Make sure you also set clear expectations with candidates regarding the timeline for the hiring process. This will help manage their expectations and prevent frustration or disappointment.


  1. Focus on the candidate experience: Ensure you provide a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process, irrespective of whether you offer the candidate a job. This will not only help to build a positive reputation of your organisation and to attract top talent in the future, but it will also help speed up the hiring process as candidates already in your hiring funnel are more likely to stay engaged and motivated.


  1. Prioritize communication: Keep candidates informed throughout the hiring process by providing timely feedback and updates. This not only builds trust but also keeps candidates engaged and interested in the position, right up until they must make a hiring decision.



By implementing these strategies, you can significantly improve your time to hire to and ensure that you are bringing in the best candidates for your organisation as quickly and efficiently as possible.



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