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Finding the best permanent .Net Developers is more challenging than ever

Recently, our recruiters have been getting more requests for permanent .Net developers. Across the Home Counties and London, companies are looking at making savings or recruiting for new people on a permanent basis.

At the moment, Buckinghamshire, and areas like Milton Keynes are a focus at Rullion. With around 16 permanent jobs to work on at any one time in just this area alone, the difficulty is finding the right talent. As always, the types of companies looking for .Net candidates is broad, but we work with a lot of SMEs. We can really target their pain points and add value. For us, it’s always about the client and the candidate and putting the right two together.

It’s not a specific skillset that really makes these candidates unique. It’s a shortage of people looking to do a permanent role.

We’re here to match the best person to the right role. This takes a lot of work, especially with the shortage of candidates in the permanent market. We also need great, experienced web-based .Net developers. It’s not so hard to find contractors with the same skills but the best permanent candidates are in roles and our clients need to have competitive and exciting opportunities available to attract the best talent.

Quarter 2 is always an exciting time.

The beginning of the new financial year always gets people talking about what’s new and how things will shape up for the year ahead and clients will start to assign their budgets. This April and May might not be as busy as usual due to the General Election being called on June 8th as companies generally put things on hold while there is the possibility of such a big change on the horizon.

Change is on the horizon.

There’s lots of noise over the apparent decline of .Net because some newer tech is easier to use. But, many businesses rely heavily on Microsoft, and it would be expensive to change this.

Some are saying that .Net is slightly on the decline now. There’s so much new, emerging technology around.  .Net is a core skill that’s not going anywhere. Businesses are built on it, and in a world that relies so heavily on data strong back-end technologies such as C# aren’t going to disappear.

When it comes to roles, full stack developers are popular at the moment.

It can be misleading however, as a true full stack developer will be capable of developing end-to-end solutions. However, when many clients ask for a full stack developer, they actually want a ASP.Net / C# developer with good JavaScript skills.

The real challenge is finding the right people and moving fast.

The numbers just aren’t there when it comes to candidates. We could easily send one candidate to seven different interviews. Candidates are in such a strong position, and things can change in a heartbeat. People have been known to get five different job offers in a day. That means we have to move fast, as do the clients. We realise hiring someone is a big decision, but a lengthy interview process with two or three stages and time in between can easily mean you’ll miss out on the best candidates.

We make a difference by doing things properly.

Clients have to appeal to the candidates on all levels. They have to compete not just with salaries, but benefits, culture, training and development. The only way you can really do that, is by giving all that information to the candidate. At Rullion, we take the time to do that, gathering all the detail we need to create strong appeal. It’s not complicated, but it’s hard work. We realise a new job is an emotional thing. It’s a big deal for all parties. We don’t just put ‘bums on seats’, we put the hours in and do the job well, so we’re putting suitable, talented people forward for each role.

All this competition could drive the market in a number of different ways this year.

When it comes to predicting trends for 2017, watch this space! It’s likely that .Net Core will become more prevalent. Not many people are asking about it yet, but they will do. Then there’s Article 50. Time will tell what effect that will have, and the mood it will create over the coming months. It’s set to be an interesting year.