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HR Big Data – Tips for a successful recruitment strategy

Data is everywhere and is particularly important for HR. But with so much to juggle, what do you do when big data becomes huge data, giant data or even immeasurable data? Here are our top tips for managing your HR data well:

  1. Digital is a mindset, not a method. HR, therefore, needs to redefine its mandate and more importantly, it's thinking. Big data is not something you obtain a system for and say 'job done'. Understand what it is, what it means and what it's going to mean as far down the line as transhumanism if that's the endgame.

  2. Update nd upgrade systems regularly and to the best of your current knowledge with an eye on future developments. You need your data-collecting technology to be accurate and to support your organisation’s needs as well as HR’s objectives.

  3. If possible, create a digital team of 'wunderkind' that can work across the organisation. Ensure that they not only have great tech knowledge but have a deep understanding of your business’ requirements and what you are aiming to achieve through your data collection and analysis.

  4. Keep employees up to speed, or take their ideas on board when it comes to what apps or tools are out there that HR might not be aware of. Millennials are often the ones most clued into to technology. Many organisations are now using gaming and quirky apps to gain data from employees.

  5. Look at what big companies are doing in terms of reshaping their recruitment methods or what innovations they're bringing to the sector. Some may be implementable on a smaller scale or with little expense – and could offer the perfect solution for your business.

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