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Talent discovery

To plan a journey you need to know your starting point

With the right insight, you’ll be able to unlock the potential of your talent strategy.

If you’re unsure of...

  • What your true cost of hiring is
  • What your actual time to hire is
  • What the real quality of hire is

...xplor can help.

Using our tried and tested research methods, we’ll provide you with an informed diagnosis and a bespoke formula for success that will help you improve productivity, efficiency and create value.

Because no two challenges are the same, we’ll thoroughly get to know your business, your goals and aspirations. 

This is what you can expect from xplor

Deep dive workshops

Deep dive workshops

We'll work with you to identify potential blind spots, understand your challenges and gain the views of your key stakeholders

Discovery & research

Discovery & research

We'll analyse quantitative data from management systems and combine this with qualitative insight to gain a thorough understanding of your organisation

Findings report

Findings report

We'll use this insight to produce a report that identifies key risks and opportunities, before discussing solutions with you that will benefit your business


Our expertise

We'll make recommendations that will help you unlock the potential of your organisation. Our expertise includes: 

  • Market research
  • Data analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Trend identification
  • Talent analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Solution design

Whether part of a long term talent strategy or a short term project to address a business need, we'll adapt to your requirements. 

Outcomes we’ve delivered for clients include:

£6 million in direct savings

£6 million in direct savings

For one of our major retail clients, we delivered over £6 million in direct savings through reduced agency fees, statutory costs and transactional costs. We increased stakeholder satisfaction scores from less than 50% to 94% and halved the time to hire for contingent workers

Reduced time to hire by 18 days

Reduced time to hire by 18 days

For a major utility client, we reduced the average time to hire by 18 days, delivered cost savings of over £2.5 million within the first 3 years of the contract and improved the net promoter scores of Hiring Managers from 18 to 64

40% reduction in agency fees

40% reduction in agency fees

For a major facilities management client, we delivered a 9% reduction in total costs and 40% reduction in agency fees. We reduced the number of invoice transactions from 2000 to one per month and streamlined the requisition to hire process, reducing time to hire by 8 days

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Who we are

We're part of Rullion, established in 1978 and the largest privately owned recruitment business in the UK, with a turnover of 500m. We're experts in recruitment and workforce management. 

With more than 60 years of recruitment experience, our capability spans: 

  • RPO
  • MSP
  • Neutral Vendor
  • Master Vendor
  • PSL
  • Flex-up resourcing
  • Talent consultancy