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Diversity and Inclusion

What is Diversity and Inclusion?

Diversity and Inclusion (or D & I), is the umbrella term that refers to initiatives that aim to ensure no one is prevented from flourishing in the workplace because of factors such as age, gender, sexuality, disability and a range of other characteristics protected by law.

The aim of these policies is ultimately to ensure that our diverse society is fairly reflected in the workplace and attempts to discover how we can best get along to achieve common aims. 

5 Benefits of Workplace Diversity

The benefits of workplace diversity are well known and varied, including:

  • Increased productivity from workers 
  • Creativity and a diversity of thought 
  • A range of skills and ideas that can lead to cost savings and increased profit
  • Access to wider markets for your business to operate in
  • Improved employer brand

We're pleased to combine a wide range of D&I information which we hope will answer any questions you may have on creating an inclusive culture for enhancing workplace diversity.

We've included interviews to provide you with an insight into the diversity initiatives of some of the UK's best known brands, articles tackling common D&I challenges, videos of experts sharing their thoughts and experiences, and of course, our free downloadable ebook, bringing together all of the featured articles and more into a one-stop guide.

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