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How do Rullion mobilise change delivery teams?

There is no one size fits all in business transformation and every consultancy will have their own individual way of mobilising teams. 


At Rullion, we have access to the highest calibre resource available in the market thanks to our talent consultancy arm.  


Our networks are diverse and bring a wealth of knowledge around delivery best practice and technology enablement, providing you with the best chance of success.  


This means we can draw upon our Consultant Cloud community to select the best qualified team with the skills, experience, and cultural fit to match your requirements.  


Using this Consultant Cloud, we have deployed over 500 change experts in the last three years alone.  


From this extensive network of industry professionals, we can build you a Virtual Bench, designed to complement our engagement with you. This is specifically populated based on your resource planning and thus unlike other consultancies, we don’t have to treat availability as a skillset.  


How do we do it?


We use hybrid delivery teams, that combine our own internal delivery experts, with partners who have previously received a ‘World Class’ NPS with a Rullion customer.  


Everyone within our Consultant Cloud is pre-vetted to ensure deployment of quality assured teams. When we start working with you, we’ll conduct an assessment to identify individuals with the appropriate skills, expertise and capabilities that match the approach and methodologies required to deliver your projects successfully.  


When we receive your specific requirements for a piece of work, our panel will further refine our pool of experts to select the ‘best of the best’ – those individuals with the most relevant experience, technical expertise, domain knowledge and retained customer knowledge (if applicable) to deliver the project. We will also undertake Critical Behaviour Interviews to ensure our resources align to your organisation’s culture. 


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