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How on-demand teams can help you successfully deliver change

As a change/programme manager you know failure is not an option. You need to be able to trust your change partner can deliver on time, without risking your reputation. And you want to do this without having to spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy checking on every minute detail.   

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Your Challenge: A minefield with moving mines

Delivering complex projects in live environments with little room for error means that the road to success is paved with multiple issues that can lead to costly delays.  

Unexpected changes to your project scope throw you another curveball. If these are not already accounted for and budgeted, you could find yourself paying over the odds for minor changes that could have easily been accommodated.  

Change management often requires skills you don’t have in-house. But how can you access the bespoke knowledge you need without making inefficient full-time hires or spending a fortune on day-rate contractors? 

Hiring one of the big four consultancies is an option but they often treat availability as a skill. You can easily end up paying premium prices yet getting inexperienced consultants working on your projects.    

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Our Solution: On Demand Teams that can adjust to your requirements

For a transparent fixed cost, we give you all the expertise of an external change management consultancy with the flexibility and control of an internal team. Using on-demand, scalable teams of technology and change experts, we attune ourselves to your existing teams with minimal impact on their workload. 

We know your project requirements can fluctuate at short notice. So, we make sure that we keep things nimble too. We can plug in as little as one individual consultant to an entire team, scaling that team up or down as your requirements change.  

You only work with the best of the best, so do we.​ We assess all our consultants against our proprietary competency framework to ensure expertise and capability. We use award-winning, cloud-based platforms that provide real-time views of your projects progress. 

In short, we give you the tools to remain in control without feeling the need to direct individual resources. Ensuring that things get done right, on time and on budget. 

Case Study: How an outcome-based model was used to deliver an effective API strategy to a national retailer

Rullion proposed an outcome-based delivery model to create an API Strategy, a catalogue of all deployed APIs in the Client’s estate and an updated integration decision tree which could be used to build an effective API ecosystem.

Case Study

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