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Rullion Joins Print Releaf Scheme

Rullion is thrilled to have joined the Print Releaf scheme, which aims to offset the environmental impact of deforestation caused by the world’s need for paper.

The scheme, run through printing giants Xerox, will integrate with Rullion’s internal printing system to automatically measure our paper consumption and will, in turn, calculate how many trees were needed to manufacture the paper that we’ve used (one tree makes 8,333 sheets of A4 Paper). Print Releaf will then balance our “forest footprint” by planting new trees to replace the ones that were used to make the paper. So far, the scheme has planted 1,717,891 trees and offset a total of 14,315,188,536 A4 pieces of paper, demonstrating the extent to which this project has had a lasting impact on the long-term future of our planet.

Print Releaf even allow you to choose which reforestation projects you’d like your new trees to be planted in, from the Brazilian Amazon to the East Khasi Hills in India, ensuring environmental sustainability and economic livelihood for future generations around the world.

This issue is particularly close to our heart, given the rapid increase in climate change and biodiversity reduction that the world has witnessed in the last 20 years. It’s a simple and effective method of helping to counteract the lasting impact that humans are having on Planet Earth and we’re incredibly proud to be part of it.

Our Group Managing Director, Melanie Forbes, said this of the scheme:

"Rullion is implementing a variety of policies and initiatives to move our business towards a more digital future. In doing so we are proud to be involved with Print Releaf, to help neutralise the forest footprint caused by our paper consumption. We’re committed to corporate social responsibility and believe this is one way of giving back to the Earth what we take from it. Whilst we as a society may have a long way to go in the fight against climate change, implementing simple policies like Print Releaf will help us realise the dream of a greener world sooner rather than later"