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Rullion celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week

Following on from an inspiring Mental Health Awareness week, we’re confident that our employees feel encouraged and appreciated through our efforts to raise Mental Health Awareness across the business.

We’re always keen to get involved with Mental Health Awareness Week. Although we like to promote this awareness all year round, we use this opportunity to make our employees feel more informed and engaged, organising some fun and inspiring activities to help bring our employees together and to share support.

As always, we stuck to our #OneRullion values and organised a series of collaborative and creative events to promote positive mental health and to introduce effective ways of supporting others. 

As this year’s focus was on ‘Body Image’, we kicked off the week with some complimentary yoga. We run a weekly lunchtime yoga class in our Altrincham office and our regular attendees find the session extremely uplifting and relaxing. From this positive feedback, we invited employees for a free taster session, encouraging physical and mental wellbeing and hopefully, introducing our employees to a brand-new hobby!

We reminded our employees about their access to ‘Health Assured’, an employee assistance programme, providing employees with a range of support services, including telephone support, counselling, assessment tools, advice and more. This is available 24/7 and provides employees with any extra support they require during and after work hours, not just for them, but for their family as well.

We shared effective ways of supporting each other’s mental health, demonstrating the best practices, the do’s and the don’ts, any emotional and physical changes to look out for amongst your co-workers and the recommended ways of approaching them.

Talking and sharing ideas is one of the most effective ways to help improve mental health in the workplace. We asked our employees to share their advice, coping methods and the different ways they plan on looking after their mental health. Employees from across Rullion got involved, highlighting just how important this topic is amongst our people. We were presented with a selection of inspiring and motivational messages, some of which we shared on our Instagram. You can also see a photo of our adorable furry office friend Hector, who came to spread some support to our Altrincham office on Friday.

We’re so pleased with the feedback and the supportive atmosphere that these activities created, and we’ll continue to channel our efforts into raising awareness of mental health all year round!