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Top 10 Tips to increase the quality of the candidates you interview

"What can I do to increase the quality of the candidates I have to interview?"


This is a question anyone who has been involved in the hiring process, has asked at some stage.


To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a checklist of 10 things to keep in mind!


  1. Get your message right.


  1. Go out to market with a realistic expectation of what you can get and what you need to offer.


  1. Give your internal recruitment team or recruitment suppliers a very detailed understanding of what they’re looking for.


  1. Make the recruitment process as fast and predictable as possible.


  1. Where you see areas for improvement, be excellent at feeding that back, so that adaptations can be made.


  1. Ensure consistent messaging for everyone throughout the process.


  1. Ensure your suppliers and your internal teams have the relevant competencies, knowledge, and experience to look for and find the type of candidates you want.


  1. To increase speed, drive as much predictability into the recruitment process as possible by laying out the timeline and setting time in people’s diaries to squeeze that recruitment process as much as possible.


  1. Make sure the onboarding process is as fast as possible to minimise dropouts.


  1. Take feedback and assessment of the efficacy of the recruitment process from the people that you have in your team and feed that information back into the process to make sure that it’s constantly being refined, and that you keep improving your ask as you continue to go out to market.



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