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Promoting Women in Engineering at EDF: Rullion's MSP and the Drive for Gender Diversity

In 2014 Rullion won the MSP for engineering and technical contingent labour for EDF Energy.


At the time 12% of EDF’s agency supplied engineers were women. By the end of 2022 this number has increased to 19%, surpassing the UK industry average which varies from source to source and ranges from 7% (LinkedIn) to 16.5% (Women in Engineering).


Rullion work with EDF across Nuclear Generation and Renewable Energy sectors as well as Nuclear New Build Projects of Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C to increase the number of women in engineering roles in the nuclear sector.


One of EDF’s strategic goals is to achieve 40% women across all its business units by 2030, and EDF’s partnership with Rullion is playing an integral role in achieving that figure by focusing on creating an inclusive recruitment process and building strong partnerships.


In 2022, 24% of all new starters sourced by Rullion’s MSP were women. To achieve this result, Rullion’s MSP account team encouraged EDF hiring managers to make the recruitment process as inclusive as possible, using gender decoders on job descriptions and on adverts. They also use redacted CVs to anonymise candidates and to reduce unconscious bias, as well as promote the use of diverse interview panels.


Rullion’s MSP partnership with EDF is continually evolving, changing, and improving on its initiatives to promote greater gender equality and inclusivity.


“We’re constantly looking at where we can tweak and change things. What surveys do we send out? What data do we give EDF? What feedback do we receive and what insight can we give?” said John Shepherd, Rullion Client Services Director.


The account team has regular meetings with the other MSP suppliers to address what they can do as a collective to help EDF achieve its ambitious EDI 2030 aspirations.


Rullion also recognises that fostering a supportive environment is crucial for attracting and retaining women in engineering and although they don’t have too much of influence on its internal environment, they’ve made suggestions to EDF about how best to promote an inclusive working environment based on feedback from various surveys within its women contractor population.


Rullion’s EDI approach also extends beyond talent acquisition and development. They work closely on EDF’s community outreach by working in schools and talking to children about what it’s like to work on big engineering programmes. They also actively collaborate with industry organisations, educational institutions, and other key stakeholders to drive initiatives that support the overall advancement of women in engineering. By forging these partnerships, EDF benefits from shared best practices and resources, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the nuclear industry as a whole.


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