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Navigating the NPS: Your Guide to Selecting an MSP for Contingent Labour

Let’s unpack the importance of knowing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of potential Managed Service Providers (MSP) for your contingent labour needs.


Picture this: you’re in the market for a new car. You wouldn’t just consider the model and colour, would you? You’d check out reviews, ask for recommendations, and perhaps even take a test drive. Why? Because you want to be sure your new ride is reliable, trustworthy, and suits your unique needs. Choosing an MSP for contingent labour isn’t all that different.


Understanding a provider’s NPS is like peeking under the hood of that shiny new car. It gives you a glimpse into their overall performance and the satisfaction of their current and past clients.


Why does this matter? Let’s break it down.


  1. Trust 


A high NPS signifies trust. Trust that the MSP delivers on their promises, and trust that they’ll put your best interests first. You wouldn’t lend your car to someone you didn’t trust, right? Same goes for your contingent labour needs.


  1. Reputation 


Next up, reputation. A high NPS is a good indicator that an MSP is respected in the field. It means they’re not only doing their job, but they’re doing it well. Think of it as the luxury branding of the MSP world.


  1. Experience 


Remember that test drive? NPS is like the experience of previous “drivers”. If they’ve had a positive journey, chances are, you will too. You want a smooth ride, don’t you? A high NPS indicates a positive candidate experience, which will likely reflect on your brand too.


  1. Consistency 


Finally, let’s talk about consistency. A high NPS shows the MSP can repeatedly deliver results, much like a dependable car that starts every morning. You need a provider that consistently finds you the right people for your roles.


So, when considering adopting a single supplier model for the first time or switching MSP, checking out the NPS of potential MSP providers is a must. It’s your map to navigating the crowded marketplace, helping you find a provider that’s reliable, well-regarded, and consistent — a true partner in your contingent labour journey. Buckle up and drive with confidence towards your recruitment success!



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