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Data Watch - Recruiting Data Specialists in the Business Intelligence Market

The data that organisations and individuals produce is growing at a remarkable speed. For large organisations, keeping data organised and using it intelligently is a key part of their business. With this comes an ever-growing need for data specialists, working with the technology that drives and harnesses data.

 Which Roles are Key for this Sector?

There are a huge range of roles, reflecting the complexity of processing and utilising data. BI Developers, Database Administrators, and Data Quality Specialists are just a few of the varied roles that make up this sector. Candidates are in demand across industries, from healthcare and education to financial organisations. This makes for a buoyant and candidate driven marketplace where experienced specialists are highly sought after.

 How Do We Provide Support to the Market?

 Our consultants have a strong understanding of this specialist sector, from the challenges it poses to our clients to the complex language and technology of the data world. We connect with clients and candidates through events, and are a visible industry contributor, sponsoring and supporting The Microsoft Data Platform Group.

 What is the Future for Data Focused Roles?

 Dashboard tools such as Qlikview, Tableau and PowerBI are a growing area of interest, providing accessible and highly visible information to organisations based on large amounts of data. These skills are becoming key for a number of professionals, particularly those focused on Data Visualisation, and often, extremely niche specialists are able to contract their services out to companies to implement these easy to use reporting solutions.

 Big Data solutions have become an essential requirement for large organisations who have decades of electronic data for storage and processing.

Analytical roles and technology for harnessing these large amounts of data are sought after in London and we expect to see this trend repeated across the country.

 Whether you’re a data expert or an organisation looking for specialist support, Rullion can help. Speak to our consultant Jordan Wright (0161 601 3312) today to find your next step within the data world.

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