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Digital and IT Transformation still critical for companies in 2017

Even with the uncertainty of the GDPR regulation, IR35 and Brexit, there’s a big mix of permanent and contract roles available.

Businesses are continuing to look at their external image and the customer journey. We are finding that demand is currently high for Business Analysts and Project Managers with specialised experience in online and digital transformation, using Agile methodologies and implementing Dynamics or Salesforce CRM.

Highly experienced, permanent professionals are worth their weight in gold. 

Permanent Business Analysts who are actively looking for new roles are particularly challenging to find. Businesses understand that the market for permanent Business Analysts is challenging and are therefore making further efforts to ensure their BA teams are engaged. The contract market is very buoyant from both a role and candidate perspective, and those with specialised experience can command higher rates. Client demands are increasing around specialist project skills and, where needed, technical experience/exposure.

Despite clients demanding more, salaries haven’t changed much.

The basic permanent salaries remain fairly stagnant for Business Analysts despite the challenges to secure talent. We haven’t noticed an increase in salaries recently, but we have seen a flood of contractors in the market following IR35 effects on the public sector.

Things like the GDPR regulatory piece have shaken things up.

GDPR has had a widespread effect on a broad range of businesses, and companies are bringing in 3rd parties to help them manage their implementations. We are running an event in Yorkshire on 25th May with expert guest speakers on GDPR and the implementation processes within their businesses. We are looking to give attendees an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with GDPR so far and to also ask a panel of experts their questions on the subject.

IR35 offers another challenge in the recruitment marketplace.

IR35 mainly affects contractors working in the public sector, but this can creep into private sector recruitment too. More contractors are talking about going permanent now following being classed as ‘in scope’ for IR35.

Clients are having to compromise or offer training.

To find the right personality as well as skills for their teams, more businesses are compromising on their experience expectations and offering training to get the right team fit. Some businesses are also looking at paying a relocation package to attract the best candidate for instance. Thinking long-term when hiring a permanent team with a plan which may include training staff up is a strategy many are taking. However this is a strategy only some companies have the luxury to do.

We help company’s benchmark candidate’s profiles.

If a client is looking for a permanent member of staff, but there’s a shortage of those skills in the permanent marketplace, we will run a benchmark exercise in the market to gain data on the current salaries and benefits in their location. We will also provide details of a contractor who can also complete the task to allow the client to consider all their options or to plug the gap as they go through their recruitment process and wait for the successful candidate to start.

The need for candidates with experience in Digital and IT Transformation projects and GDPR Implementation will stay at the forefront in the months to come.