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Boosting your skills whilst on Furlough

Are you currently furloughed from work? Or find yourself with a little more spare time than usual? Why not take the opportunity to learn a new skill, expand your knowledge or level up skills you already have!

The global pandemic has found many people across the UK either out of work or placed on furlough, which has resulted in a significant rise in the number of people learning new skills at home. Learning a new skill or taking part in an online course will not only help you gain more knowledge on a particular subject, it’ll also help you build your confidence, help with your mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as help make you a better skilled candidate.

Rullion’s People Director, Kim Strachan, shares her views on why now’s the time to take part in some virtual online learning:

“Throughout these uncertain times, it’s shown us how quickly things can change. As a result of this it’s important for us all to have a constant focus on our own learning, both professional and personal. If you find yourself not working at the moment, this is a really good opportunity to take the time whilst you have the headspace to be able to think about training properly and reflect on what you’re learning. The world we go back to will be very different and it’s important that everyone upskills and challenges themselves. Now’s a great time to do it.”

By Kim Strachan, People Director, Rullion

We’ve pulled together some of the top resources available that you can access for free, to get you started with online and virtual learning.

Google Digital Garage

There are 126 free online courses with Google Digital Garage, built around marketing, digital skills, data and career development. Courses include:

  • Getting your business online
  • Build confidence with self-promotion
  • Understand the basics of code

The courses range from 2 to 20 hours and cover beginner to advanced levels. In addition, you can also get certified in the fundamentals of digital marketing. A free certification containing 26 modules covering you from your first steps in online success, to how to expand your digital presence internationally. This course will take around 40 hours to complete and can be carried out online. It’s an excellent way to improve your CV and develop your career.

The Skills Toolkit

Launched by the Government, The Skills Toolkit is an online hub of free courses, tools and resources to help boost your digital and numeracy skills. The collection of courses includes:

  • Learn My Way – resources and tips to help you get started online
  • Everyday Maths – a course designed to help you refresh your maths skills
  • Learn to code for Data Analytics – a more advanced course to help you learn how to write your own computer programmes

The courses and resources listed on the site are updated regularly, with new courses added to help you make the most of your time on furlough. The Skills Toolkit website states that 82% of all job vacancies require some form of digital skills, so make sure to browse through the site to find a course that will help you in your development.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers you free training to help you in the digital world. The Academy is free, and contains courses, modules and certifications in marketing, sales and customer service.

Courses include:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Graphic Design Essentials
  • Growing your Training Skills

Centred around Marketing and Sales, these certifications are recognised in the industry, allowing you to add them to your LinkedIn profile, share them on your CV, and they’ll help you develop your career within the Marketing and Sales space.


Fancy something a bit different? Duolingo is an excellent app to help you learn a new language. Choose from 36 different languages, from French, German and Spanish, to Hawaiian, Swahili and even Klingon, Duolingo makes learning a new language a more fun and engaging process. The app is free, and you go through a series of fun games and challenges, helping you learn new a new language in a fun and dynamic way. Duolingo is a mobile app, you can also use your desktop and tablet to access the tool and continue your learning.

Learning and development is an ongoing process, and an excellent way for you to boost your skills and confidence levels when you might not be working. Not only does it make you a better employee or candidate, but it also helps you grow and nurture your mental and emotional wellbeing.

At Rullion, we encourage all our colleagues to take part in extra learning and development, and have partnered with Recruitment Juice to support our people in their development in Recruitment Practice and Leadership.