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Responding to Covid-19 Together

We recognise that this surreal situation is creating fear and uncertainty for all of us. It is our commitment to do everything we can to keep our communities, clients, candidates and colleagues safe and healthy at this time. We want to navigate through this period in the same way we have weathered all the challenges we have seen in our 40 year history; by sticking to our values.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Together we are stronger. We’re pulling together more than ever before to ensure that we support our clients and candidates with advice and guidance. We’re also flexing our current solutions to react to the changing needs of our clients. 

People Are Priceless

We are doing everything we can to be to be safe and keep others safe. All our Rullion office-based employees are working from home, and we’re offering free support and guidance to all our clients and candidates to encourage remote-working and employee wellbeing. Respecting the Government's rules is of utmost importance to save lives and reduce the lasting impact of this outbreak for us all.

More Than Money

Our business is about much more than money and it’s never been so important to remember that. Internally, we’ve dedicated a working group to drive initiatives within our communities to help provide company-wide support during the crisis in any way we can. From making critical food deliveries, to free CV reviews and interview training for those who have lost jobs, we’re so impressed by how our employees are embracing this value.

Partnerships Are Powerful

We’re in this together. It’s trusted, personal relationships which drive our business, and right now, personal circumstances are tough. But, we’re all in the thick of it. We believe that with that adversity also brings innovation and creativity and, whatever the challenge, we’re here to help. We’re working with huge supermarket retailers and tiny start-ups to navigate completely different problems, putting safety and wellbeing at the forefront of every solution.

Reputation Is Everything

Ours is built on honesty, consistency and more than a touch of humanity. Recruitment is about more than filling jobs and placing candidates. In these times we promise to be creative, calm and continue to build on our credibility as an organisation by our actions and response to this crisis.

We are here to help should you need us, but above all else we are hoping that you stay safe and well in this challenging time.