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7 reasons why recruitment will unlock your potential

Are you looking to take your career in a new direction? Or maybe you’re fresh out of education but still unsure about what you’d like to do. Why not consider a job in recruitment? Working as a recruiter is a fast paced role that will challenge and motivate the right candidate. Offering a number of short and long-term benefits, here’s our top reasons for getting into recruitment:

1. You'll make a difference

People change jobs with increasing frequency nowadays, and they turn to recruiters for help. Being in a position to help job seekers to transform their lives daily can be extremely rewarding. If you love talking with people and solving problems, recruitment could be ideal.

2. You’ll have fast track progression opportunities

If you have the qualities of a great recruiter - natural networker, exceptional salesperson, brand ambassador, hard worker - you're in with a great chance of becoming a top performer. Not only do many recruitment businesses offer competitive commission schemes for individuals ranking highly on the leader boards, there are often fast track promotion and progression opportunities too.

3. You're a natural networker

If you’re a people person and networking is second nature to you, you're probably a great candidate for becoming a top-performing recruiter. You'll find that friends (and people you don’t know so well!) are likely to keep in contact with recruiters, and are likely to refer their own contacts to you too. Working in recruitment is all about connections, where today’s client could be tomorrow’s candidate. As the saying goes, it’s definitely not what you know, but who you know.

4. You thrive on competition

As a recruiter, you're constantly up against other companies who are also looking to fill roles. If you're up for a challenge, are ambitious and thrive on competition, a recruiter's role is something that you'll seriously want to consider.

5. You’ll gain industry knowledge

As a top performing recruiter, not only will you keep up with the latest in recruitment technologies and vocational testing, you’ll become an expert in different sectors too. When you work for a recruitment company, you need to learn all about the specific industries you’re recruiting for, ensuring your candidates and clients alike see you as a trusted, knowledgeable partner who they can come to for career and hiring advice.

6. You'll use your analytical skills

There's no such thing as over-thinking when it comes to recruitment. You need an analytical mindset for assessing and judging which candidates and companies will be a great match. If this is a skill you think you can tap into, recruitment could be for you!

7. You'll have work flexibility

If you've been to Starbucks, Neros or Costa and seen people tapping away on a laptop, chances are you’ve seen a recruiter at work. It’s often necessary to meet with people confidentially to talk about their next career move, so getting out and about, as opposed to sitting in an office all day, is essential. Certainly candidates, and sometimes even clients, can prefer to speak with their recruiter outside of the normal working day, so for night owls favouring a late start in the morning, before working into the evening, recruitment can be a great choice.

Think that recruitment could be for you? Why not consider joining us at Rullion? Have a look at our vacancies! We’d love to hear from you.