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Nine steps to effectively participate in a candidate referral scheme

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right opportunity can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. What if there was a way to not only help your network access exciting job openings but also play an essential role in your company’s recruitment success?


Welcome to the world of the Candidate Referral Scheme – a strategic approach that offers hidden benefits for both job seekers and companies alike.


“As someone who has witnessed the inner workings of the recruitment process from both sides of the table, candidate referral schemes are a remarkable opportunity that can not only benefit colleagues’ networks but also contribute significantly to their company’s growth,” said Helen Dulla, Rullion Operations Director.


“I understand that everyone’s time is valuable, and referrals are a thoughtful investment, however I strongly believe these types of programmes can be so rewarding for both employees and their organisations.


The power of people’s professional networks could not be overstated, she said.


“[Professional networks] are a goldmine of talent and employees have a unique insight into the kind of individuals who will thrive in their workplace environment; people with the skills, dedication, and mindset that align perfectly with their company’s values.


“Imagine being able to streamline the hiring process for your contacts, offering them a faster route to potentially exciting job opportunities,” she added.


Mastering the art of referral success: Nine steps to elevate your network’s career journey 


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through nine steps of effectively participating in a referral scheme, making a meaningful impact on your network’s career journey.


  1. Research the company 


Before referring someone, make sure you have a good understanding of your company’s culture, values, and the types of positions they’re hiring for. This will help you identify suitable candidates from your network.


  1. Identify potential candidates 


Think about friends, former colleagues, classmates, or acquaintances who would be a good fit for your company. Consider their skills, experience, and the positions they’re seeking.


  1. Reach out and share the opportunity 


Initiate conversations with potential candidates in your network. Let them know about your company’s open positions and the referral programme. Explain why you think they’d be a great fit both in terms of their skills and your company culture, and how your referral can benefit both them and the company. Your recommendation carries weight, and your endorsement could spark their interest.


  1. Provide insight and guidance 


If your referred candidates are interested, share insights about your company and its values. Offer guidance, providing insights and advice on tailoring their resumes and cover letters to stand out during the application process. Your mentorship will be invaluable as they present their best selves to your company.


  1. Follow up 


Keep track of your referrals. If they decide to apply, follow up with them periodically to see how their application process is progressing. Offer any assistance you can to help them navigate the process.


  1. Stay positive and supportive


Whether your referred candidates make it through the hiring process or not, remain positive and supportive. Reassure them that regardless of the outcome, their skills and experiences are valuable, and you appreciate their effort.


  1. Celebrate their success 


If your referred candidate is hired, celebrate their success! It’s a win-win situation – they’ve found a new opportunity, and you’ve successfully contributed to your company’s hiring process.


  1. Keep engaged 


Stay engaged with your referred candidate after they’ve joined the business. Help them settle in, answer any questions they might have, and introduce them to other colleagues.


  1. Continue participating 

Even after your initial referral, consider participating in the programme again. As you build a relationship within your company, you might come across more opportunities to refer candidates and continue contributing to your organisation’s growth.



“Cultivating your network is more than just building connections – it’s about nurturing opportunities. The candidate referral scheme empowers you to shape the career paths of those you believe in, while also contributing to the growth of organisations you admire. Your role transcends recruitment; it becomes a legacy of impact,” Helen concluded.





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