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Technology without limits

We create technologies that solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Our vision is to build technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible today, to create a better tomorrow. 

We’re the team behind some of the world's most advanced technologies in robotics and computer imaging. Our work bridges the gap between academic research and industry. 

We’re defined by our technical capability, not a market; but everything we do is guided by a commercial objective. We’re constantly finding new fields where we can make a difference, and so far, we’ve taken on challenges from the nuclear decommissioning, transport and energy infrastructure, defence and security sectors. 

Our Culture

We’re a collection of people who see things differently and we’re comfortable with a challenge, which means we’ve successfully found unusual solutions to some big problems.

We’re passionate about creating a dynamic, supportive and collaborative culture where people can try out their ideas, learn from their mistakes and work together to find even better answers.

Our people are from diverse backgrounds but share a common drive to make things happen. If this is a team you want to be part of we'd like to hear from you.

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What we stand for

We think these four attributes describe us best. We're not limited by them, but we'd be limited without them. We are: 

- Innovative 

- Adventurous

- Smart 

- Technology-driven

Createc’s specialities are innovation and problem solving – coming up with the ideas that will solve a problem by asking the right questions and seeing things differently.

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Senior Systems Engineer

Cockermouth, The Lake District
£40,000 - £60,000 Permanent
Robotics, R&D