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The Candidate Perspective: Employer Brand eBook

We surveyed over 350 candidates to find out what they really think about employer brand and what motivates them when looking for a new role.

Competition for talent across the UK is fierce. With the best organisations fighting to attract the right people to support their growth, employer brand has become the most talked about term across talent attraction and retention.

We set out to find out exactly how candidates feel by launching The Candidate Perspective: Employer Brand, a survey to assess whether employer brand and company reputation really matter. We interviewed over 350 candidates and created an eBook full of insights and tips to help you create an employer brand that really speaks to your candidates. 

You'll find:

  • What candidates actually care about
  • Their priorities when looking for a new role
  • How important your company reputation really is
  • Where you should promote your employer brand
  • What stories you should tell your candidates

Creating your employer brand

Understanding your candidates is key to attracting the best talent to your organisation. By understanding their motivations and interests, you can focus on the elements you need to prioritise in your employer brand to help you attract the best talent. 

When we surveyed our candidates, not surprisingly, salary and benefits came out on top. We also found good employer behaviour is an important consideration for many candidates as well as reputation, integrity and treatment of staff.

Salary, benefits, employer behaviour, reputation and integrity are all important to candidates.

  • 53% of contractors say salary is a key driver when searching for a new role
  • 45% of permanent employees value work-life balance to be a top priority

Promoting your employer brand

Promoting your employer brand where your candidates spend most of their time is key. 49% of candidates told us they use company websites as their main source of information about a role. Social media also scored highly, with two thirds of contractors using LinkedIn as a key tool in their job search.

Top Tips for promoting your employer brand:

  • Employee testimonials are of the most interest to candidates when looking for their new role
  • Permanent employees are more likely to find out about a new role on the company website
  • Contractors are most likely to find out about a new role from their personal network