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International Women's Day: How Returnships benefit your business

Programs to support women returning to work after a career break are one of the hottest trends in the UK employment market. We’ve put together the top reasons why you should be considering launching a Returnships program in your organisation.

Initially a US phenomenon, recruitment programs that target women who have been out of the workforce for an extended period are becoming hugely popular in Britain. This International Women's Day, we're celebrating #BalanceForBetter, encouraging organisations throughout the UK to create a more gender balanced workforce. Returnships are an excellent initiative to support women returning to work after a career break.

This is not about low skilled employment. It’s about tapping into the vast reservoir of talent among women of mid and senior career level who have taken an extended break, most likely to look after children, but also increasingly because of the demands of raising a family on one hand and caring for ageing parents on the other; the dilemma of the so-called sandwich generation.

Women in this group typically have at least five years’ experience in their chosen profession, as well as a desirable skill set which comes with years on the job: highly tuned interpersonal and communication skills, problem solving prowess, multi-tasking ability and leadership capacity.

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