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White Paper: Eight Reasons To Get Into The Nuclear Industry

Are you interested in the nuclear industry? Are you an engineer and would like to know more about this growing sector? Download our White Paper and find out why you should be looking to work in the nuclear industry.

There is no other industry where engineering skills are in such high demand. Over the next six years, the nuclear workforce in the UK is predicted to grow by 4,700 people a year, but with 3,900 people predicted to leave each year, many due to retirement, 8,600 new engineers a year will be required to meet demand.

In June 2017, the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), announced that they were forecasting that the UK’s new build programme would see employment in the field of more than 130,000. Does that sound good? 

Learn with our White Paper:

  • Why the nuclear industry is one of the most dynamic industries right now
  • The latest nuclear stats and insight
  • Tips to start a career in nuclear 
  • Why nuclear companies are making long term investments in the UK
  • What career paths you can take in the nuclear industry

Download our White Paper to find out!