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Hear first hand from our colleagues on what Rullion has to offer.

"I've worked at Rullion for over 10 years and it's a great place to work. The environment is hard working yet supportive and I've been given the opportunity to become a qualified accountant. Since gaining my qualification, I've been provided with continual opportunities to contribute to the company's success, to progress and to take on more responsibility. I know that I am valued and I couldn't have asked for more!"

Chris Miller, Management Accountant

"I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to do a number of different roles within Rullion and as a result have never ever been bored. I also like the fact that if you want to try something new and prove that you are willing to work hard, then the business will give you the opportunity to do it."

Martin Ingram, Professional Services

"I've worked for a few companies within the industry and Rullion is definitely unique. You are able to use your skills, experience and initiative with no limitations. I am lucky enough to be part of a team where we all can express ourselves and have such a great relationship."

Rufina Daniel, Temporaries Commercial Consultant

"Rullion provides you with a strong platform to build your vertical from. The history of Rullion and our previous achievements are very appealing to new clients and candidates. We have a wonderful story to tell."

Jessica Milton, Niche Talent Consultant

"Working amongst experienced professionals who are deeply passionate about what they do is a great experience! Working in a friendly office environment with on-going training and support to help me grow as an individual, a professional and a part of the company, makes the job truly enjoyable!"

Stanislav Chernishev, Head of Research

 "The environment, the people, the future and the vision at Rullion are great - I'm really glad to be a part of it."

Lindsay Downard, Content Marketing Manager

"I’ve worked across two offices during my time at Rullion and there is a common theme – it’s a great team of people with a genuine passion for the work we do but also the ability to have fun during the day.
Also, although we are a large and well established business, there is still a real family feel to the company, with directors and managers whose doors are open and make the effort to get to know their teams."

Laura Hewes, Specialist HR Recruiter

"I've worked on a number a teams at Rullion and have always enjoyed the great teamwork environment. I like the fact that Rullion offers a strong training programme at the start of your employment and supports you in your personal development throughout your career."

Nichola Coates, Managed Solutions