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Rebecca Grayell-Rees, Senior Account Manager: "I am raising money for Cancer Research UK"

Rebecca Grayell-Rees is a Senior Account Manager within the Rullion IT team. She's been part of the company for almost four years and she has had the chance to develop her career, starting as a Corporate Recruiter before being promoted to Account Manager and subsequently to Senior Account Manager. She is the latest participant of our #UnlockYourPotential campaign, aimed at highlighting the positive and inspiring initiatives that employees across the Rullion Group have launched to make a positive impact to themselves, and the community.

Tell us about what it is that you're doing

"I am raising money for Cancer Research UK by doing the Great Row. This involves me rowing a marathon - 26.5 miles across the month of March."

Why are you doing it?

"I am getting married in July so I am trying to get fit to look good for my big day! Cancer Research UK is also a charity close to my heart that has affected my family and the majority of families I know, so I thought it would be a good cause to motivate me to get in the gym!"

What impact is your action having on others?

"One in two people are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and breast cancer is one of the most common forms affecting people from all walks of life. Donating money for this allows advancements in research, leading the way for cures for all forms of cancer. So any little thing I can do to help I will."

What are your doing next? 

"As of the 1st of March I have started my challenge. I am trying to do 11 sessions of 20 minutes hitting 4000 meters each time. This should cover off the 26.5 miles. I have currently done 15,000 meters."

What do you find exciting about working for Rullion?

"I think 2018 is a very exciting year for Rullion employees. There are a lot of new incentives, rewards and appreciation schemes. We are becoming more active on social media and really standing out in the recruitment market place."

If you want to help Rebecca raise money for Cancer Research UK, please click here to go to her fundraising page.

If you want to join Rullion and unlock your potential, have a look at our current vacancies or send us your CV by visiting our careers page.

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