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Case Study: Information Technology

The Brief

Sofology had three key challenges to be addressed. Firstly, they had a high volume of applications, which they were struggling to manage because the existing recruitment process they had in place was manual and resource intensive (e.g. organising interviews and assessment days took a lot of time). Whilst Sofology had researched off-the-shelf Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), none of them suited their exact needs.

Secondly, the business was spending a lot of money on agencies, using them to source high-grade IT and head office roles rather than hiring direct.

And thirdly, Sofology had very limited visibility on their candidate experience, with no surveys or feedback forms in use.

What We Did

  • Provided a tailored ATS to perfectly suit Sofology’s needs
  • Used their in-house terminology (‘Sofologists’)
  • NET Promoter Score captured/built in survey functionality
  • Improved candidate’s recruitment journey
  • Reduced reliance on external survey tools




The Results

Boosted Productivity

Previously each invitation to an assessment day took around 10 minutes on average to complete. The system can now process 200-300 applications in a matter of seconds.

Agency Spend Decreased

As in-house productivity increased, spend on agencies significantly reduced. Over 90% of hires are now direct and application numbers have soared – Sofology has received over 4,000 applicants in the last month alone.


Increased candidate satisfaction

Sofology is seeing a steady increase in candidate satisfaction as they implement the feedback from their new survey system – adapting to the real-life user experience.


Our solution was a tailored ATS, which perfectly suited Sofology’s specific needs. The bespoke software incorporated a number of niche requirements from the retailer, from using their in-house terminology (‘Sofologists’) to capturing their NET Promoter Score, which gives a clear picture of the candidate’s recruitment journey – a score that is also reported at Board level. We also reduced the company’s reliance on external survey tools by incorporating automated built-in survey functionality, which captured candidate feedback at various touch-points throughout the recruitment process.

Dedicated to the ongoing support of our clients, we strive to adapt and change with the businesses we work with. Alongside this bespoke recruitment solution, we’ve also helped guide Sofology through its rebrand and adapted our portal to reflect this.

The flexibility of our solution also means we can overcome new challenges quickly. For example, we helped Sofology tackle the challenge of job board applications, where candidates have to fill in multiple forms, both on the job board and the company’s website. Our new system has helped to eradicate this duplication, improving the candidate experience even further.

“In a 12 month space we've seen candidate NPS scores go through the roof. We've had fantastic feedback from hiring managers on how easy the system is to use. And from my own experience, it's exactly what we need to become a high performing talent acquisition team.”

Ben Gledhill, Talent Acquisition Manager at Sofology

“As the project consultant for Sofology, I have regular meetings with the team. We talk about what’s happening, what challenges they’ve got coming up and we work together to adapt the system accordingly, adding new functionality and being innovative wherever we can.”

Julio Behambari, Project Consultant at Rullion