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They might get credit for navigating the trickiest turns of transformation journeys, but Project and Programme Managers don’t work alone. At a time when multi-year change programmes are everywhere, PMO is the acronym on everyone’s lips.  And what started out as simple admin support for Project Managers has become one of our most diverse and in-demand specialisms. 

As the volume and variety of change has grown, PMO has become one of two pillars of successful projects, covering governance, risk, logistics, fund allocation, and assurance. Today, a senior PMO role is the co-pilot to the Project Manager’s captain - creating and carrying through standards for project management across the entire organisation.  

And that kind of expertise cascades down: PMO today is home to everyone from permanent members of the C-Suite to contract candidates getting on the first rung of the ladder. From taking minutes to preparing reports for senior stakeholders, PMO pros are the bridge between IT and change – providing serious support across the entire strategic portfolio.