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Location: England, Somerset, Bridgwater

Radiation Protection Technician

England, Somerset, Bridgwater
£144.00 - £160.00 per day

Job Description

Radiation Protection Technician
PAYE Contract (+ 33 days paid leave).
Min 50 hours per week. 8 hours per day + overtime. 12 hour nightshifts after a period of adjustment.
CED 22/11/2022

This role is required to support NNB's oversight and assurance arrangements for work with ionising radiation at the HPC construction site. Primarily this will be to support the preparation and execution of industrial radiography on the site. This will involve the management of radioactive sources and equipment stored in a central store, independent confirmation that a radiography area has been established to the correct standards, and routine radiation monitoring of the radioactive source store and around the barriers of the radiography area.

A Radiological Monitoring Technician will accompany the radiography teams to ensure the correct standards of work and barrier control are being exercised:

* Confirm the barriers have been erected as per the barrier plan and that all necessary equipment is in place and operational, and (where appropriate) is calibrated and has undergone a pre-use check.
* Perform radiation monitoring at the barrier during the exposure, ensuring the barriers continue to be placed correctly.
* Prior to handing the area back, confirm the work is complete and that all sources and equipment have been removed from the area.
* Perform monitoring to support a radiological incident.

A central source store is being supplied by NNB to its contract partners for the storage of industrial radiography sources. This role is required to manage the inventory of the store, perform routine tasks associated with the store, and perform general radiological protection tasks in accordance with site procedures:

* Receive new radiography sources to the site and ensure they are correctly registered and logged into the store
* Dispatch radiography sources from the site and ensure all paperwork is completed correctly
* Ensure all radiography sources are correctly signed out and returned to the store, verifying that the necessary paperwork is in place for the radiography task before the source is issued
* Perform periodic source inventory checks
* Perform periodic radiation and contamination surveys of the store.
* Liaise with the EDF NNB Approved Dosimetry Service for the storage, issue and return of EDF NNB staff legal dosimetry.
* Administer the direct reading and alarming dosimeters, ensuring they are sent for repair and calibration, and are stored to avoid damage.
* Ensure the RP instruments used by the independent RP team at the site are sent for repair and calibration, and are stored to avoid damage

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications & Experience
* GCSE grade C or equivalent in Maths and English
* Experience as a qualified Radiation Protection Technician / Health Physics Monitor within an organisation.
* A working knowledge of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) as it applies to this role.

* A nationally recognised Level 2 qualification in Radiological Protection / Health Physics Monitoring (e.g. City and Guilds Stage 1, NVQ Level 2 Diploma, Level 2 Underpinning Knowledge Certificate)
* Experience of performing radiation monitoring during radiography work
* Experience of working on a nuclear licensed site.
* Experience of managing inventories of instruments, radioactive sources and other radiological protection equipment
* A previous appointment as a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS).

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