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Location: South East England, Oxford, United Kingdom

Special Projects Manager

South East England, Oxford, United Kingdom

Job Description

ROLE: Special Projects Manager
Competitive salary and benefits package

Strong technical ability, experience and knowledge of super-conducting magnet engineering
•Professional expertise and/or qualifications as an engineer
•Decision-making, problem-solving, planning and organising skills
•Strong ability to communicate and relate to others (oral / written)
•Leading and developing others - line management duties
•Analysis and research skills and experience

This is an exciting opportunity to build a business unit to commercially exploit the technologies this client have developed and are utilising in other pursuits.

This will require:
• assessment of the market opportunities
• a deep understanding of the technology and intellectual property that is owned, developed, and will continue to develop
• assessment of, and engagement with, prospective partners for technology development and commercialisation
• management and delivery of technology and market development projects
• planning and executing the most cost and time effective route to market
• demonstration and communication of the value created by the business unit, even before licence income starts to flow
• identification of intellectual property and briefing of patent agents

We celebrate and support diversity and are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for both employees and applicants.

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