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Rullion projex: Statement of Work

Rullion projex: Exceptional change delivery, at the right price, exactly when you need it.

We’re shaking up Systems Integration with a little innovation.

Sensible, practical, and transparent delivery designed to work for real-life projects and outcomes (we understand things change) with as much management oversight as you need.

We stick to what we’re good at, working exclusively on Technology, Transformation and Engineering projects. Our in-house change management experts have come from global banks and Infrastructure projects (so we’ve been there, got the t-shirt, and got it muddy along the way).

How can we help?

The IR35 Conundrum

The IR35 Conundrum

Our service will help you mitigate IR35 risk. It’s not a work-around, it’s a long-term solution. With projex, we become ‘the client’, conducting status determinations and assessments for every resource. Using our IR35 technology, we continually review determinations and take actions to ensure we’re fully compliant.

The Management Gap

The Management Gap

Our in-house Change Management team are there to ensure things get done right, on time and to budget. We don’t believe in overloading you with data to interpret, instead we’ll offer actionable insight when you need it and provide our practical, personal expertise to keep things on track.

The Knowledge Blackhole

The Knowledge Blackhole

For the last 40 years, finding the right skills and knowledge has been our business. Now we’re implementing those skills and delivering outputs too, but the foundations remain the same. We’ve built trust, built networks and built teams with the niche specialist knowledge you need complete your project.

The Urgent Requirement

The Urgent Requirement

Because we’re not relying on consultants becoming available, we’re quick to react. We can mobilise and scale fast using our Consultant Cloud of trusted resource. We’re also adaptable and have a built-in agile change management process (let’s face it, real-life projects never go completely to plan).

Solutions for every scale

Our four sensible solutions are designed to tackle scenarios we’ve seen clients face time and time again. When you succeed, we do too. We also know cost matters, so we believe in giving you exactly the level of resource, knowledge, and management you require, then flexing up and down as you need us to.

Projex Discovery (4)

projex Discovery

Discover the answers to your business problems with our team of specialist Change and Strategy Consultants.

  • Resolving business uncertainty with Scenario Planning 
  • Plan your transformation with our Strategic Technical Consultants
  • Guided discovery to plan, shape and execute complex change
  • Define your adoption strategy with our digital experts
Projex Specialists 2 (1)

projex Specialists

Our Specialist Associates help you to deliver your project outcomes and business goals with our IR35 compliant service. 

  • Reduce tax risk with our managed IR35 compliant service
  • Outcome based delivery, ideal for dispersed teams
  • Commercial surety, payment based on successful outcome 
  • Assured delivery through fully managed service
Projex Teams 2

projex Teams

Leverage our on-demand Consultant Cloud to scale your projects and teams quickly with our flexible commercial model.

  • Mobilise teams or selected disciplines quickly 
  • Flexible commercial model offering savings that scale with demand
  • Project managed by you; performance managed by Rullion
  • Tailored management approach to optimize commercial effectiveness
Projex 360

projex 360

Our trusted delivery approach does more than just deliver end to end change, we work with you for long term sustainability.

  • End to end project delivery managed by our experienced leadership
  • Increased confidence with  transparent data analytics
  • Our Retained Knowledge Programme future proofs your business 
  • Open commercial model with gain and risk share opportunity – win win

How does it work?

We make change SAFER.

We take time to scope properly (it’ll save you time later), engage our Consultant Cloud, ensure compliance and deliver expertly every time, offering insight throughout. Just think of it like this:

Our Associate Cloud

We specialise in people. So, we’re not prepared to compromise on the having the best skills, knowledge and attitude for the task at hand. That’s why we built our Associate Cloud.

Over the last five years we’ve been hand-picking the best of the best and inviting them to work alongside us. We’ve seen what they do, we know it works and we’re confident they can deliver.

Leveraging the Rullion Network

Over 40,000 professionals across the UK.

Creating a “Virtual Bench

Tailored to suit our engagement with you so that we don’t have to treat availability as a skill set.

Multi discipline, layered experience

We can call on all levels of experience and all Engineering, Technical and Transformation disciplines to suit the project.

Pre-vetted, quality assured

Our teams are all pre-vetted – we check right culture, right skills and right mindset so you don’t need to.

“Initially I had some concerns when it was suggested that we use a SoW for contracted work, because our priorities change so frequently. ​I needn't have been concerned as the whole process was very smooth.  A change log was created and tracked weekly with Lianne the Rullion Project Manager to ensure we were getting what we expected.​

As predicted, new project requirements not in the SoW were raised.  We added this to the tasks list with no opposition from Rullion. All in all the process has been great with no hold ups, it was also good knowing Lianne was available if there were any issues.”​

 - Mark Elliott, Principal Architect, Coop

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