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Rullion projex: Statement of Work

Rullion projex: Partnering. Enhancing. Delivering

Rullion projex is designed around you. A bespoke solution that delivers specialist programmes on time and to budget. We provide you with the expertise to manage and deliver your projects, from beginning to end, to an agreed budget, timescale and predefined set of outcomes. Using our hybrid agile approach and our extensive Associate Network, projex will take the risk out of delivery, helping you continue to achieve your business objectives.

In today’s competitive environment, choosing the right partner to plan, execute and deliver your projects is essential, particularly during upcoming IR35 legislative changes. Rullion projex offers a viable, sustainable and versatile approach to deliver your project, transformation and change agenda. Our projex team works in partnership with your organisation to enhance your capacity and expertise, providing an assured delivery service and our Associate Network, built and developed over our 40 year history, will become fully embedded into your organisation.

With projex, we deliver experts at the right time, managing performance and optimising cost of delivery. Building on Rullion’s reputation, our team provide a first-class service. Rullion projex is flexible, adaptable and can be built around your current needs, whether you’re undergoing:


Capacity challenges in your existing teams

We help to enhance your current teams, giving you the resource you need to achieve your goals

Changing how you deliver projects

We provide you with an agile hybrid methodology to deliver your projects

Specialist or niche knowledge augmentation

We partner with you to provide the niche knowledge you're currently lacking

Why choose projex?

Optimised Performance

Optimised Performance

Our team of experts mobilise quickly to deliver change using principals to optimise your costs and the performance of the project. Working on-site, our Associate Network become full embedded into your team.

Trusted Approach

Trusted Approach

We use a framework that integrates with your organisations systems to provide an assured, consistent methodology underpinned by a simple, but effective, governance and MI model.

360 Support

360 Support

We commit to delivering a clearly defined programmes supporting post deployment and ensuring knowledge is transitioned back into your organisation.

Enhanced Expertise

Enhanced Expertise

Working as a partner, our team use their specialist knowledge to traverse your technology landscape delivering solutions that provide real value. Over the last 40 years, we’ve developed an Associate Network that has the experience to complete any challenge.

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

We’ll support you through upcoming IR35 legislative changes, helping maintain compliance and retain skills within your organisation.

Transparent Commercials

Transparent Commercials

Our fixed price model provides cost assurance and transparency for your organisation. We add value through a model that leverages our programme management expertise.


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Rullion projex will help your organisation deal with IR35 changes, meet your business objectives and mitigate delivery risk by:

  • Putting your voice at the heart of everything we do
  • Translating your project goals into a clear and agreed scope
  • Shaping our delivery life cycle to meet your needs
  • Making governance relevant to the project and not the other way around
  • Communicating in a way that works, we provide the right information at the right time
  • Sharing the risk, accept 'skin in the game', and work together to mitigate any risk
  • Assigning highly qualified associates quickly, for the duration of the project
  • We don’t place robots – our team work with you to do the right thing for the good of the project

Our projex life cycle is grounded in agile, but can tailored to meet your specific needs:

“Rullion projex is designed around you. A bespoke solution that delivers specialist programmes on time and to budget.”

 - Gavin Stead, Director of Programme Services, Rullion

Interested in finding out more about Rullion projex, and how we can help your organisation? Enter your details below and one of our experienced Project Consultants will get in touch with you as soon as possible.