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White Paper: 8 reasons to get into the nuclear industry

Are you interested in the nuclear industry? Are you an engineer and would like to know more about this growing sector? Download our White Paper and find out why you should be looking to work in the nuclear industry.


eBook: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

Download our equality, diversity and inclusion bible! A 30 page guide combining the best of our tips, articles and insights, plus exclusive interviews with diversity experts, to help you answer those burning questions on diversity in your workplace.


White Paper: How to deal with workplace bullying

With more than more than one third of UK employees stating that they've been bullied at work, we've put together a short guide for line managers and HR on how best to deal with cases should they happen in your organisation.


White Paper: 5 new succession planning rules

Today’s workforce is more agile than ever. With the emergence of the gig economy and employees no longer remaining with one company for the length of their career, it’s important for your organisation to have a strategy in place, that’s as agile as your employees.


White Paper: Turning Big Data into action

Big data is where business meets science. But while most HR professionals understand this, in particularly in relation to their recruitment process, many do not know how to then use that data to the advantage of their organisation. We show how with our latest White Paper.


White Paper: Implementing a diversity & inclusion plan

Organisations are now embracing diversity more than ever before, and realising the benefits of a diverse workforce at the same time. Get to know with Rullion the benefits of a diverse workforce and make sure that your business is doing all that it can to hire diversely.


Checklist: Benchmarking Recruitment Technology

At Rullion Technology Solutions we’re all about combining recruitment backed consultancy with leading edge technology, designed by recruiters. Choosing your first ATS or making a change? We’ve put this evaluation together to help in your quest for a system that meets your current and future needs.


White Paper: Enterprise Vs. Off-the-shelf recruitment technology

When looking for a recruitment software package, companies can either purchase an off-the-shelf package for an immediate impact, or look into having a more bespoke solution that is tailored to their business. Which one is the best option for your organisation? Find out with our whitepaper.


White Paper: How Returnships Can Benefit Your Business

Programs to support women returning to work after a career break are one of the hottest trends in the UK employment market. Here are the reasons why firms from blue-chip banks to cutting-edge software developers are jumping on the returnship wagon.


Gender Pay Gap reporting: all you need to know

The beginning of April 2017 signifies the start of gender pay gap reporting across England, in a bid to encourage gender equality in the workplace. Our white paper discusses the pay gap and what the changes in legislation mean.


How to write an effective job description & person specification

A successful, well-written job description is more than a document to attract qualified candidates. It’s a useful tool that allows you to simplify the CV review process, re-evaluate your team structure and job responsibilities, and measure the performance of employees.


Using social media for recruitment: the risks and benefits

Social media is one of the most accessible ways to connect with an audience. So, using social media for recruiting can be an extremely effective tool.