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Business change and software development - five tips for Agile

There are two main approaches to software development – Waterfall and Agile.

Ultimately, companies which adopt an Agile company workflow are more likely to get what they really need in a shorter period of time, for less investment and lower risk.

These are the steps that clients should take to get the most out of the Agile process:

  1.  Be prepared to be engaged with the software

Agile requires a very hands-on client approach, so you will need to set aside time at regular intervals to raise issues and review changes.  

  1. Be ruthless about prioritisation

Some requests will be met in the time available, and others may not – differentiate between the essential and the desirable.

  1. Build a strong relationship with the supplier

Agile is only effective if there is a really good client-developer relationship. If this is not working, you may need to choose a different supplier.

  1. Don’t be afraid of change

The whole point of Agile is that the methodology is flexible enough to recognise that the features you thought were important a month ago may not be what you consider important today, and vice versa.  

  1. Develop simple metrics to measure the usefulness of the technology

Whether you focus on the number of new candidates hired, length of time from requisition to hiring date, or other data, simple metrics can usually be generated by the system to indicate if the technology is working well.

If Agile development can work with the culture of your company is ultimately up to you to decide. However, a more interactive process can make it much easier to tailor software to your exact requirements.