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Learn how recruitment outsourcing will improve your workplace diversity

When thinking about outsourced recruitment solutions, improvements in workplace diversity might not immediately come to mind. In fact, some organisations would rarely seek to measure any improvement in their diversity following implementing a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution. However, there are many reasons why you should consider asking your recruitment partner to help with equal opportunities monitoring.

Leaving your diversity metrics up to your HR software could be compared to closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. One of the best ways to identify the root cause of a lack of workplace diversity is to take a close look at diversity statistics throughout the hiring process. Whilst HR software can tell you all about the candidates you hire, it’s really the ones that you don’t hire who are key to understanding the bigger picture when it comes to diversity.

We recommend ensuring your provider is aware of the following key metrics:

  • Diversity of applicants (and talent pool)
  • Diversity of shortlisted candidates
  • Diversity of final interview candidates
  • Diversity of successful candidates

These key indicators can be measured by department or by physical location to identify any particular parties that are struggling to offer equal opportunities, including the agency themselves.

If diversity is a priority for you, this can potentially do three great things for your organisation:

  1. It can allow you to guarantee that your supplier is offering equal opportunities and that you’re getting the diverse shortlist you have (hopefully) asked for.
  2. It can allow you to assess how effective your brand is at attracting a diverse workforce (is your EVP attracting a wide range of individuals?).
  3. And can allow you to pinpoint specific areas of your business not offering equal opportunities and to possibly even identify a reason for this (i.e. perhaps a hiring manager or department is consistently rejecting a diverse shortlist).

Ultimately, if you’re not using your recruitment supplier to ‘checkpoint’ your equal opportunities offering at various stages of the recruitment process, you could be missing a trick. It’strue that you need HR software to talk about the retention of a diverse workforce – but that doesn’t mean you have to guess when it comes to attracting and hiring one. Through finding a supplier that will support you in achieving your diversity goals, and a more diverse and inclusive workforce should follow.

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